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Code Assessment

Code compliance represents only one facet of a facility’s overall fire and life safety. However, in many cases, code compliance becomes the driving factor for a client when attempting to occupy a new facility, plan new processes, or modify existing facilities. Existing facilities present different challenges than new facilities. HYT provides code compliance studies and assessment for new and existing facilities and processes. Our experience includes all of the nonstructural fire protection and life safety aspects of model, consensus, State, and local codes. Our services can be tailored to address specific areas, such as hazardous materials, or they can be inclusive of the overall compliance for an entire facility.

Key Benefits

  • Customized for Each Client's Specific Needs

  • Detailed Project Specific Assessments and Reports

  • Proactive Control of Project Elements, Mitigation and Their Costs

Building and Fire Code Compliance and Assessment
  • Project construction features and requirements

  • Facility protection features and requirements

  • Exiting requirements

  • Hazardous materials

  • Code equivalencies and development of alternative compliance methods

Hazardous Materials Management Plans and
Hazardous Materials Inventory Statements
  • Format as provided in the Uniform Fire Code

  • Custom formats as required by individual agencies

  • CAD developed facility emergency equipment layouts


Code Assessment Services

HYT 's Code Assessments are tailored to fit your specific requirements and Project needs.

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