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Consulting Services
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Consulting Services

HYT provides fire protection engineering consulting services for those clients that have questions or concerns regarding their facility, the inherent hazards, level of protection, or the life safety features for the occupants. Our service delivery capabilities and experience include, but go beyond, risk identification and assessment to include water supply testing and analysis, fire protection and life safety system evaluation, business continuity evaluation, and operations, maintenance, and administrative program review and development.

Key Benefits

  • Customized for Each Client's Specific Needs

  • Takes Advantage of HYT's Experience in Similar Industries

  • Uses a "Problem Solving" Methodology


Loss Control and Insurance Oriented Surveys
  • Risk identification and assessment

  • Loss scenario development

  • Business continuity evaluation

  • Administrative programs review and development


Expert Witness and Loss Investigation
  • Forensic systems analysis

  • Code evaluations

  • Computer modeling

  • Event scenario development

Fire Protection Systems
  • Systems analysis and testing

  • Design reviews

  • Water supply testing

  • Construction period services


Consulting Services

HYT can assist your Risk Manager and business insurance personnel in the development of a Property Risk Assessment Profile in order to better control your business insurance requirements and costs.

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