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Design Services

HYT provides detailed design services for those clients and projects that desire a high level of control over their fire protection installations, or where competitive bidding is difficult to achieve. All design projects, new and retro-fit are developed utilizing AutoCAD.  Where detailed design is not advantageous to the client, HYT assists with technical specifications, schematic design drawings, and construction period services.

Key Benefits

  • Control of System Arrangement, Functionality, and Aesthetic Considerations

  • Coordination with Other Building and Project Elements

  • Promotes Competitive Bidding and Better Project Cost Control

  • Clearly Defines Project Scope

Fire Suppression Systems
  • Automatic fire sprinkler systems (wet pipe, dry pipe, preaction, deluge & spray)

  • Private fire service mains, fire pumps, and water storage tanks

  • Special hazards (foam, water mist, gaseous)

  • Hydraulic calculations and modeling

  • Specifications

  • Construction period services

Fire Alarm Systems
  • Smoke, heat, and flame detection systems with audible and visual appliances

  • Highly Sensitive Smoke Detection (HSSD) systems with computerized pipe orifice calculations

  • Voice communication systems

  • Smoke control systems

  • Specifications

  • Construction period services

Project Examples
In addition to the representative text descriptions of Projects provided in HYT's Experience webpage, we have provided Adobe Acrobat PDF files of sample projects for viewing (requires Adobe Acrobat for viewing):


Design Services

HYT CAD-assisted detailed design services provide the control you desire over your fire protection system installations.

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