David W. Hoover, P.E.

Experience Summary

Mr. Hoover has over twenty years experience in the areas of fire protection engineering, assessment, applications, and design.  He specializes in the application of fire protection principles and regulatory code compliance concerns to special hazard occupancies and processes.  His experience includes process and occupancy code consulting, assessment of engineered protection, special hazards applications engineering and systems design.  Mr. Hoover has consulted with many types of occupancies and industries including refineries, chemical plants, universities, research laboratories, power plants, and manufacturing facilities.

Mr. Hoover has provided code consulting for permitting and occupancy, fire protection hazards analysis, and design services for new and existing plants, processing facilities, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and laboratories.  His experience includes code compliance assessments, development of fire protection and process safety criteria, fire protection design and consulting for facilities domestic and abroad.  He is experienced in fire water supply and distribution systems, automatic sprinkler systems, deluge systems, fire detection and alarm systems, and special hazard suppression systems including foam, halon, bulk dry chemical, and CO2 systems.  He has provided consulting services for application of hazardous materials requirements at the Federal, State, and local levels.

Mr. Hoover was previously employed as Manager, Fire Protection Services for Crawford & Company, an international engineering and consulting firm.  Prior to that engagement, he was a supervising engineer with ABB Impell Corporation.  Previous employment includes his services as a project engineer for Walter Kidde Fire Systems Operations.  He functioned as a safety engineer for two Mobil Oil Corporation refineries (Augusta, KS and Torrance, CA).  He also has over 7 years experience as a paid and volunteer fire fighter/EMT.

Expertise in:

  • Fire Protection Systems Analysis

  • Hazard Evaluation and Assessment

  • Code Compliance

  • Systems Applications Engineering

  • Fire Protection Systems Design

  • Hazardous Materials Consulting  

Education and License:

  • B.S. Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology - Oklahoma State University

  • Registered Professional Engineer, Wisconsin

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